April 22, 2021

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Dreamhack festivals postponed

DreamHack festivals postponed due to COVID-19

DreamHack has announced officially that they will be postponing all remaining festivals in 2020 to next year in light of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

Due to the global pandemic 5 festivals have been moved to 2021:

  • DreamHack Rotterdam — originally scheduled for October 16-18, 2020
  • DreamHack Hyderabad — originally scheduled for October 31-November 1, 2020
  • DreamHack Atlanta — originally scheduled for November 13-15, 2020
  • DreamHack Winter — originally scheduled for November 27-29, 2020
  • DreamHack Madrid — originally scheduled for December 11-13, 2020

All of these were scheduled for this year but with health and safety being a priority, this decision was made by the organizers.

“The goal for all of us at DreamHack is to provide great experiences at our events, which thrive by bringing communities together for these shared and beloved festival weekends all around the globe,” said DreamHack Co-CEO Marcus Lindmark. “We have never had to postpone events like this before — but these are extraordinary times, and the safety of our attendees and staff has never been more important than now.” 

3 festivals have already been postponed – DreamHack DallasDreamHack Summer and DreamHack Montreal, so this step was not too big a surprise.

2020 will be the year of online competitions and content

This will push things more towards online platforms, and new online content programs such as podcasts, game shows, trivia contests, community tournaments have already been announced.

“We at DreamHack stay committed to offering the best esports events for our fans and followers, even if it needs to be in an alternate format for now,” said DreamHack Chief Product Officer Michael Van Driel. “In order to bring these events to our fans,  DreamHack’s tournaments will continue to be offered online. It is very important that these tournaments still be played, which provides esports players with great opportunities while also giving viewers entertaining esports to enjoy from all around the world.”

DreamHack programs for 2020 so far:

DreamHack Open Featuring Fortnite consists of monthly, online tournaments for Europe, North America East, and North America West. A total of $1.75 million USD will be awarded, with a prize pool of $250,000 up for grabs every month through January 2021.

Registration for the August Solo tournament is available HERE. All monthly tournaments will be produced and broadcast live on Twitch by DreamHack. The competitions are open to anyone 13 years of age or older.

DreamHack Open Summer – (CS:GO) features four regional tournaments — Europe, North America, Asia, and Oceania — and a collective prize pool of $300,000. The tournament started with Stage 1 in June and is now moving into Stage 2 for all regions except Asia.

  • DreamHack Open Summer Europe — Stage 2 begins August 8
  • DreamHack Open Summer North America — Stage 2 begins August 8
  • DreamHack Open Summer Oceania — Stage 2 begins August 7
  • DreamHack Open Summer Asia — Stage 1 begins August 7

DreamHack Starcraft 2 Masters and DreamHack Warcraft 3 Open – All DreamHack Starcraft 2 Masters and DreamHack Warcraft 3 Open stops of 2020 have been moved online as we, together with ESL, reworked the ESL Pro Tour for the two games. ESL Pro Tour Starcraft 2 now consists of three DreamHack Starcraft 2 Masters online tournaments, Summer, Fall and Winter. ESL Pro Tour Warcraft 3 consists of three DreamHack Warcraft 3 Open online tournaments, Summer, Fall and Winter.

Northern League of Legends Championship (NLC) – The inaugural season of the NLC, the 2020 Summer Split, is ready for the playoffs. The top four teams of each group — eight teams in total — will battle it out in the hunt for the NLC title and two European Masters spots. More information is available on the Northern League of Legends Championship website.