April 22, 2021

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New esports center in New Zealand

New Zealand gets a new esports center at Eden Park

Guinevere Capital has announced the opening of the Eden Park Esports High Performance Centre at Eden Park stadium. The stadium is already known as the home of rugby and the All Blacks, and now the leading sports and esports investment and advisory firm brings esports to this historic location too.

The center will provide the players with top quality facilities to practice, stream and engage with the community. It will also be a place where leagues and tournaments can be hosted and streamed from. It will also be the home of the Dire Wolves group, who have recently branched out from being a League of Legend team to compete in Overwatch, Valorant, NBA and FIFA as well, by incorporating the Sydney Drop Bears and the N8 Esports brands.

Eden Park is New Zealand’s largest sports stadium, located in central Auckland, New Zealand’s largest city. Although used primarily for rugby union in winter and cricket in summer, it has hosted rugby league and football matches, with a history stretching back into the early 1900s. It is also the home of the All Blacks, where they remain unbeaten in over 40 matches stretching back to the 1990s. The new expansion will add a whole lot of new opportunities, with dedicated fibre and 5G connection, LAN areas, streaming booths and much more.

Nick Sautner, the CEO of Eden Park said:

“New Zealand’s national stadium is iconic and at the centre of many special memories for both Kiwis and tourists around the world. The Esports High Performance Centre will showcase Eden Park’s ongoing ability to diversify, evolve, and be at the forefront of new technology.”

This new centre will be complimenting the two other Esports High Performance Centers that are already up and running: one at the Sydney Cricket Ground in Sydney, and another one at Twickenham Stadium in the UK.