April 22, 2021

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ONE Esports Dota 2 SEA – week 3 results

ONE Esports Dota 2 SEA – week 3 results

Yesterday we saw the conclusion of the 3rd week of ONE Esports DOTA 2 SEA – the South-East Asian tournament is organized by ONE Esports and IO Esports, held online with a €100,000 prize pool.

Games were played on 4 days:

2nd July:
Geek Fam won – Execration forfeited
Reality Rift 2:0 NEW Esports
BOOM Esports 0:2 T1

3rd July
NEW Esports won – Execration forfeited
BOOM 0:2 TNC Predator
Reality Rift 1:1 Geek Fam

4th July
Execration forfeited – Neon Esports won
NEW Esports 0:2 Geek Fam
Team Adroit 2:0 BOOM Esports

5th July
TNC Predator 2:0 Reality Rift
NEW Esports 0:2 Fnatic
T1 0:2 Neon Esports


With these results the leaderboard looks like this currently:

1st Fnatic – 16 points

2nd TNC Predator – 14 points

3rd NEW Esports – 11 points

The group stages will go on until the 12th of July, and the playoffs will be done between 15th and 19th July.