April 22, 2021

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cs_summit 6 won by BIG

cs_summit 6 finished – and the winner is BIG!

Yesterday we saw the grand final of cs_summit 6 – BIG beat Team Vitality in an intense 3:2, taking home the first prize of $34,000. Team Vitality got the second place with $22,ooo, while OG grabbed 3rd place for $17,000.

The final game was pretty intense: the first round was on Mirage where BIG scored 16:8, but in the next round Team Vitality won with 16:11 – taking the lead with their 1 map advantage from advancing to the final from the upper bracket. But BIG got back on their feet and scored 16:10 on Dust and then on Overpass too – besting their opponents after losing 2:1 to them at the upper bracket final.