April 22, 2021

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Vikin.gg wins DOTA qualifier

Vikin.gg earns spot in the Beyond Epic EU/CIS qualifier for DOTA2

The Romanian DOTA2 team scored 2-0 against B8 today in the qualifiers of the EU/CIS tournament “Beyond Epic”. Their next opponent will be “Cyber Legacy” tomorrow, on 9th June at 11 AM CET.

About “Beyond Epic“: the event will feature two divisions: Europe/CIS, and China, with a total prize pool of $250 000. The joint tournament combines the experience of the three leading esports tycoons to achieve the best esports show among the world’s leading regions and teams.

The event’s group stage in Europe and CIS is scheduled for 15th through 24th June, in China — 21st through 25th June. Europe/CIS playoffs are scheduled for 25th through 28th June with a prize pool of $200 000. The Chinese division will battle for the championship title and $50 000 on 26-28th June.

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